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Selling Your Home - The Cliffsnotes

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

If you are selling your home, some items to consider:

Gather records for your house. For example, repair & maintenance records, warranties, instruction manuals and the like. What year was the roof replaced? How about the boiler?

De-clutter as much as possible - I can't emphasize this one enough. Pack and store all items that you won't need during the marketing period. This is often challenging, but if your place is cluttered, many buyers will get the wrong impression about the property. This applies to the interior and exterior.

If it's a condo or part of a homeowners association, confirm that you are paid up on all of your fees. If you aren't, it could delay the sale.

Verify that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are up to code. If they aren't, it could delay the sale.

Are there any items attached to the property, such as a chandelier or an antique doorknob, that you would not want included in the sale? Make a list of exclusions. By default and unless you specify otherwise, anything physically attached to the property is considered part of the real estate and is included.

Check for cosmetic defects, such as holes in walls, scratched floors, or squeaky hinges? Items like these are relatively inexpensive for you to repair relative to their impact on a potential buyer.

Check for major defects. Consider what you can repair prior to selling. Sit down with an agent, such as myself, to discuss an estimate of the fair market value and a pricing strategy. Are you prioritizing speed, price, or a balance?

These are just a few items to get you started.

Consider inviting me over for a walk-through. I will help you make a custom checklist, and can also prepare a market analysis and discuss a marketing and pricing strategy with you. Doing this now will contribute to a successful sale and smooth transaction.

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