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Q3 Market Report Details

That's a wrap for Q3 in the greater Boston Housing markets. As expected, interest rates have steadily increased and as a result some interesting trends are emerging.

Below are two details showing average sale price and quantity of single family homes sold through Q3 in Newton: You can view the complete report on Newton Single Family homes HERE

Year to date, Newton is down over 17% in sold single family homes with over a 10% increase in price. Q3 is showing the most dramatic drop with 37 fewer homes sold when compared to last year.

Sudbury has managed to sell more homes in Q3 and at a higher closing price. You can view the complete report on Sudbury Single Family Homes HERE

Year-to-date, Sudbury single family homes have increased by over 15%

Condominium sales in Brookline have been drastically reduced while still managing a sharp increase in sale price. You can view the complete report on Brookline Condominiums HERE

There have 56 fewer condo's sold in Brookline during Q3 and a year-to-date price increase of over 10%

I hope you find this information helpful and informative. If you don't see market reports in the areas you're interested in here or on my website, I'm happy to create one for you. Feel free to email, text, or call me anytime at the contact information below.

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