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Whats Next? Covid 19 and Real Estate

Like most industries, Covid 19 has had a significant impact on the real estate markets here in Boston and the surrounding towns. On Easter Sunday and Monday (yesterday) there were over 2,600 new cases reported in Massachusetts and these are the predicted surge numbers for the next few days. Open houses have been canceled or postponed and wearing face masks will likely become daily routine for several months to come.  So what's next? What steps should you take to find your new home or how can you effectively market the sale of your existing home? What are your safest options?

The use of technology will greatly reduce exposures and risk. The days of seeing multiple properties and walking into buzzing open houses are at best, postponed. Until the public feels their safety out weighs the fear of becoming infected, brokerages must adapt or be forgotten. 

We provide a top-of-the-line virtual tour from Matterport. This way people can experience seeing the interior of the house without visiting. The goal is to help our clients decide if it's worth scheduling an in person visit with out a needless risk. Matterport can be used to list homes for sellers who still reside in their domicile with out the fear of unnecessary people entering. These tours are also compatible with VR headsets. Check the link below to observe the future!

Accent Realty can also hold a "Virtual Open House". The use of social media allows us to place a small number of people in the home and broadcast to a much larger audience. Live streaming questions while walking the property to any potential buyers will build interest in the house and alert buyers if they would like to schedule an in-person visit. 

You don't eat a meal in one bite, basketball games are not won with the first bucket, and marathons do not end after two miles. Remember this as we collectively deal with our current situation. Everyone has their own struggles and different challenges. Take it 1 day at a time and continue to be safe, smart and kind. Help your neighbors when you can because we are all in this together.  

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