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The holiday season is upon us and the best preparation will deliver the best results. This is true when planning that large family gathering and dinner or committing to the perfect gift for that special someone. The same can also be said when thinking about larger life changes such as downsizing or upgrading living accommodations. 

The timing and effort put into preparing a home to be sold can have significant implications on the outcome of a sale. The peak season for selling or buying homes in Newton and the greater Boston area is in the spring. In the past 5 years there is a clear distinction between homes sold in Q1 verses single family sales in Q2. 

Peak inventory traditionally runs from March through June due to most listings coming to the market during that time. People buy and sell houses all year long, however, there is no argument that units tend to be HOT in the spring. These results don't happen accidentally.

I find a well thought out list of "to do's" can make this daunting task more manageable and easier to accomplish.

Gather records and documents for your home

De-clutter as much as possible

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are up to code

List of your exclusions, window treatments, light fixtures, etc. 

Check for small cosmetic defects

Check for major structural defects

These are only a few items to get started and can easily be completed between weekend ski trips, hockey practice, or a much needed warm weather getaway. If spring of 2020 is anything like we've seen in the past, there are likely to be great opportunities on both sides of the table. 

Call or e-mail me anytime to start the process that works best for you. 

Best regards,

Ryan Cook Sales Agent @ Accent Realty 617-744-9033

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